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Our Advantages
Satisfy your needs
Bring customers a healthy and comfortable sleeping experience
YRF Textile has been committed to the design, production and sales of hotel textiles for more than ten years since its inception. Through years of accumulation and development, the company has occupied more than 6-million-square-meter cotton planting base and has formed a mature industrial supply chain.
Good cloth is "planted". YRF textiles are made from high-quality Xinjiang cotton
Xinjiang is endowed with unique natural conditions. Alkaline soil, large temperature difference in summer, abundant sunshine, sufficient photosynthesis and long growth, all these make the cotton planted in Xinjiang have more prominent characteristics: the ordinary towel is made of cotton yarn with fiber length below 27mm, while the yarn length of 129 Xinjiang cotton can surpass 29mm. YirouFang textiles are made of long stapled Xinjiang cotton. The towel made of this kind of cotton is more comfortable, softer, colorful and breathable.
Stretch the supply chain and reduce cost for hotels
YRF Textile occupies more than 6-million-square-meter cotton field based in Xinjiang, which is the producing area of cotton. It owns towel workshop, grey cloth workshop, guest room supplies workshop, curtain workshop, feather down products workshop and mattress workshop. Self-produced raw materials determine the good quality and low cost.
Production Capacity
The annual supply of beddings surpasses 1000,000 sets; annual production of towel can reach 1000,000; the annual production of quilt is 500,000 pieces; annual production of bathrobe is 200,000 pieces; and the annual production of catering-related products exceeds 2000,000 square meters. YirouFang products have covered the whole world.
Our Geographical Advantage
Foshan, Guangdong Province, is a rising economic center of the Pearl River Delta, a modern port city and a famous historical and cultural city. Here is a manufacturing center, covering furniture, building materials, ceramics, lightings and so on. It is a one-stop home decoration produdcts marketplace, which is famous all over the world.
With the geographical advantage of beingx in a modern port city, YRF Textile can select good quality cotton yarn from different countries and produce different textiles. Our cotton yarns are originated from Xinjiang, India, Egypt and Pakistan. We can provide you preferential price and lower cost.
We provide integrated supply chain
We have integrated supply chain, covering hotel beddings, school beddings, hospital beddings, dormitory beddings, troops beddings and many other hotel accessories.
YRF Textile integrates products from many factories so that we can provide customers with high quality and complete series of products with fast delivery service. We hope that customers can experience the convenience of one-stop procurement.
Shorten the service radius, make hotels more relaxed
YRF Textile has established a mature service system in years of sales and after-sales:
1. Based on the global sales network, timely provide product quality consulting services;
2. Home delivery service and regular revisit to solve some temporary problems during the use; For any quality issue, the designated professional shall solve it within 8 hours;
3. Provide professional consultation service or recommend best bedding collocation solutions; Hotline: 86-075723639532
YRF Textile has more than 10 years of  Textile export experience and exports our products in bulk all over the world.
Standards of YRF Textile:
Products accord with Standard: GB/T 22800-2009 “Textiles for Star-rated Tourist Hotels”
Products accord with Standard: GB 18401-2003 "National Basic Safety Technical Standard of Textiles"
Production accord with Standard: FZ81005-1993 "Quilting Goods Standard"
Towels accord with Standard: FZ-T62006-2004 "Towel Quality Standard"
Bed sheets accord with Standard: FZ-T62007-2003 "Sheet"
Quilt covers accord with Standard: FZ/T62005-2003 "Quilts and Quilt Cover"

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