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  • How To Make Up A Bed Like A Hotel

    We generally know that when sleep in a five-star hotel, we will sleep soundly. Of course, a small group of people think that the mattresses in five-star hotels are too soft and uncomfortable. I think it may be because they are used to sleeping on harder mattresses and can't adapt to soft mattresses at once.

  • What Kind Of Beds Do Hotels Use

    Faced with the various mattresses on the market, are you beginning to be confused? What kind of mattress is good? Which mattress is right for you?

  • What Beds Do Hotels Use

    Everyone knows that uncomfortable mattresses can affect a person's sleep, especially for people who often stay in hotels. If hotel mattresses are uncomfortable, fewer hotel guests will stay. So what mattress does a five-star hotel choose?

  • Where To Buy Hotel Pillows

    Generally, when staying in a hotel, if you feel the pillow is particularly comfortable, you can ask the hotel receptionist where to buy.Another way is to find the bedding suppliers for five-star hotels, so that you can buy their pillows of the same style. Many five-star hotels mainly provide down pi

  • Sateen Sheets Vs Egyptian Cotton

    Cotton satin, such as sateen, is a kind of satin fabric woven with cotton yarn.

  • Do you really know the duvet? How many geese's down make a goose down quilt?

    In the cold winter, all northern families use indoor heating system, but most southern houses are not equipped with heating system. Air conditioner is occasionally used on cold winter nights, and many people are not accustomed to using it in winter. But the cold is still inevitable, so you will occasionally catch a cold. Duvets are the best protection against the cold in winter. Do you really know the quality of duvets?

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