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  • How do you clean hotel leather supplies?

    Leather supplies have always been regarded as a delicate item in the cleaning of hotels, but in fact the proper cleaning of the leather will not damage the surface or shorten its service life. So, what is the correct way to clean hotel leather supplies?

  • How to preserve leather supplies in hotel rooms?

    The high-end leather goods not only provide comfort but also make the hotel room more gorgeous and elegant. But the hotel's leather goods are not easy to maintain. So, how should you store leather supplies in order to extend its service life and maintain its durability?

  • How Choose a Tissue box Size?

    One of the most common household items, tissue boxes are lightweight and convenient, and some of them are designed to be unique. Even so, many people don't know much about napkin boxes. For example, how to choose the size of tissue box?

  • How to clean and maintain the acrylic hotel supplies?

    Acrylic hotel supplies storage boxes, tissue boxes, toiletries, etc., it not only has high transparency and aesthetics, but also low price, very convenient and practical. But there are still many doubts about acrylic hotel supplies. For example, what advantages does it have? Is it poisonous? How to clean and maintain the acrylic hotel supplies?

  • What to do with an empty tissue box

    Paper towels are an absolute necessity in life, but when the paper towels are used up, how do you deal with those tissue boxes? Can the tissue box be reused? Should I throw away the empty tissue box?

  • Do blackout curtains help with sleep?

    We all know that beautiful blackout curtains can add the perfect finishing touch to the room, but this is not its only advantage. If you've ever thought about buying light blocking curtains, you've got to wonder: do blackout curtains help with sleep?

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