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  • Where To Buy Hotel Pillows

    Generally, when staying in a hotel, if you feel the pillow is particularly comfortable, you can ask the hotel receptionist where to buy.Another way is to find the bedding suppliers for five-star hotels, so that you can buy their pillows of the same style. Many five-star hotels mainly provide down pi

  • How To Make Your Bed Like A Hotel

    1. Hotel rooms are generally equipped with twin beds. When decorating a home, you can choose according to your needs. If you choose twin beds, be sure to choose the same type or double bed.2. When choosing hotel beddings, such as bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, pillows, summer quilts, winter

  • What Is A Luxury Hotel Bedding

    For luxury hotel beddings, cotton satin fabrics are recommended for flat sheets, fitted sheets, comforter covers and pillowcases. 60X60, 60x80, and 80X80 are usually used, which have higher yarn density, particularly good quality, and fine workmanship. To achieve 60S and above, the requirements for

  • What Is A Family Room In A Hotel

    The family room of a hotel means: like your own house, where you can cook.There are multiple beds and sofa bed. It’s no problem for a family of four to stay in.A large suite means the living room and the bedroom are connected; two suites mean the bedroom and the living room are separated;Three-room

  • What Kind Of Comforter Do Hotels Use

    Hotel purchasers must purchase some new sheets, comforter covers and other hotel linens every season. And they often encounter problems such as "how to choose hotel beddings, and which technology is better". Nowadays, not only hotels, more and more families are also paying attention to beddings conf

  • Is Egyptian Cotton Good

    Egyptian cotton can be understood as long-staple cotton.Egyptian cotton generally refers to Egyptian long-staple cotton. Inner Egyptian cotton is a high-quality cotton produced in Egypt. Its characteristics are long velvet capacity (fiber length exceeding 31.8 mm), rich silk luster, tough texture an

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