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Product Description

YRF Round Table Cloths 90" Inch Brown Polyester Washable 

Wrinkle Free For Restaurant

YRF diverse, innovative and quality developed products include the following entities: 

High Quality Fabric Table Cloths Brown Polyester Washable Wrinkle Free For, Placemats, and Table Runners. 

We are proud to carry the largest, most innovative and diverse line of table linens in the CHINA. 

Our products are manufactured with the upmost attention to quality, detail and value.

Table Cloths Brown Polyester Washable Wrinkle Free For  

Product Name: YRF Round Table Cloths 90" Inch Brown Polyester Washable Wrinkle Free For Restaurant
Item name: TL-08-7
Size:  90inch round, 108inch round, 118inch round, 120inch round, 132inch round,  90x132inch, 90X156inch rectangular , 60X102inch or customized
Material: 100% polyester
Weight: 190gsm/240gsm
MOQ: 1 piece. More quantity, more discount
Lead time:  Sample: 3-7 days; mass production: 10-25 days.
Feature:  Elastic, Durable, Reusable, Washable, Comfortable, Smooth, Eco-friendly, Skin alergic free, iron free

For exceptional presentation and drape that creates a lasting first impression,YRF Linens sets the standard 

for the finest upscale, professional-grade wedding Table Cloths Washable Wrinkle Free For Restaurant. 

Constructed on a hydraulic loom from 180 GSM (grams per square meter) spun polyester, the result is 

a tightly woven, luxurious yet durable smooth-textured finish designed to resist staining and stretching for 

exceptional long-term wear and repeated use. This restaurant-grade Table Navy Blue 

100% Polyester holds its shape and won't stretch or tear like inferior-grade fabrics.

Table Cloths 90" Inch Brown Polyester  

Decorative Table Covers: 

These Table Cloths Restaurant Round are applicable for any indoor and outdoor dining occasion 

either for decorative or functional uses 

(Cafes, dinners, brunches, Potlucks, picnics and more).

Restaurant Round Table Cloths  

Water Resistance Tablecloth: 

Our Table Cloths Round 90" Inch is oil-proof, stain proof, scratch and water resistant. No leaks, 

making it the perfect table cover protector for your table.

Washable Wrinkle Free For Restaurant Table Cloths  

100% premium polyester, Enjoy your dining experience with these durable polyester Brown Polyester 

Table Cloths Washable Wrinkle Free For, which will not only last multiple wash cycles but also provide 

an elegant environment for you.Round tablecloth with serged edges will enable a graceful dinning 

environment for you.

Brown Polyester Washable Wrinkle Free For Table Cloths  

The Washable Wrinkle Free For Table Cloths Restaurant are 100% Treated Polyester


Spill proof fabric! all liquids bead up for an easy clean Mold resistant

Available in additional sizes; Size chart available

Detailed Images
90" Inch Brown Polyester Table Cloths  

The measurement method of the 90" Inch Table Cloths Brown Polyester

Step 1:

Measure your table. There is a simple calculation you can use to determine the measurements of your tablecloth. 

To start, you'll need to know the measurements of your table.

For a rectangular or square-shaped table, use a measuring tape to measure your table's length and width.

For a round table, you'll need to measure the diameter of your table. A diameter is the straight 

line going through the center of a circle.


Step 2: 

Calculate the proper size for a square or rectangle table. If you have a rectangular table, you'll need to know

 your desired drop. Remember, this depends on the type of event you're planning.

To start, add twice the desired drop to both the length and width of the table. For example, say your table 

is 48 inches wide and 72 inches long. You want a 6-inch drop. You would add 12 to 48, to get 60. 

You would then add 12 to 72, to get 84.

The resulting values are the dimensions of the tablecloth you should aim to purchase. In our above example, 

you should look for a tablecloth that is 60 X 84 inches.


Step 3:

Figure out the size for a round table. Calculating the dimensions of a round table is somewhat simpler. 

To figure out your length, you simply add twice your desired drop by your table's diameter. 

Say you want a 5-inch drop and your table has a diameter of 50 inches. You would add 10 to 50, 

getting 60. When purchasing a tablecloth, select a 60-inch round tablecloth.

The Round Table Cloths 90" Inch material Made of 100% Polyester

70 in, 90 in, 108 in, 120 in, 132 in

Suitable for Round and Square table

Solid color each table cloth, 30 colors optional

Round 90" Inch Table Cloths  

Sample rules:  Samples are free , but the freight should be paid by buyers
Color: gold, silver, red, blue, purple, etc or any pantone color
Payment methods: TT / PayPal / Western Union / Money Gram / Alibaba Trade Assurance
Transport:  By Sea/Fedex/TNT/DHL/UPS/TOLL/EMS/Airplane /Sea /Truck/Land/ Trail
Supply type:  Production /Available / Logo print
Packing: Each piece into a polybag, 100pcs into a standard export carton
Application: Wedding, Banquet, Party, Hotel, Restaurant, Home, Outdoor,Conference,
or other Events

Easy Care: 

Polyester Restaurant Table Cloths Round are machine washable. Use warm or cold water wash, 

low temp dry, no bleach. VEEYOO vibrant color and sturdy table linens can withstand any 

heavy-duty events and extensive reuse


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