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How to preserve leather supplies in hotel rooms?

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The high-end leather goods not only provide comfort but also make the hotel room more gorgeous and elegant. But the hotel's leather goods are not easy to maintain. So, how should you store leather supplies in order to extend its service life and maintain its durability?


  1.  What are the precautions when storing leather supplies?

  2.  How to clean leather goods in the hotel room?

  3.  Daily care of leather goods

  4. lConclusion


What are the precautions when storing leather supplies?

When you use leather, the first thing to remember is to keep them in a cool, dry place away from the ground. The floor is usually high in humidity, which affects the durability of the leather goods, causing its skin to be particularly easily and quickly damaged by the mold.


During the rainy season, the humidity is high and the leather goods are easily affected, such as moldy or colored, so the room where the staff cleans and cleans every day must pay attention to cleaning the leather products. At check-out, items must be thoroughly cleaned and stored on a special bag or shelf.


Also remember: don't put leather garments in plastic bags or boxes, as they may get wet and smell bad, and hotels or coastal hotels built in tropical monsoon climates and heavy rains are more likely to notice this.


Do not let the hotel's leather goods come into contact with water. Due to this skin contact, contact with moisture should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, the hotel leather goods used are often placed in a higher position, such as the matching tray, carton, cardboard navigation, leather information watch decoration.


There is absolutely no choice and arrangement of leather bathrooms, as the humidity in this area is high and often exposed to water, they will reduce the quality and durability of the product.


How to clean leather goods in the hotel room?

Leather is a durable material that can be used for a long time without being outdated and always loved by luxury and taste. However, this material is more susceptible to natural and climatic factors than glass plastic or stainless steel. Therefore, in order to make the leather products of the hotel durable, it is necessary to have a clean and suitable cleaning method.


First, you should check carefully if the outer skin of the kit indicates the best cleaning method.


The leather in the hotel room is made of leather and is easier to clean than other leather materials.


The process of cleaning a suit with leather material is also quite simple: when the customer checks out, the cleaning staff in the room only needs to clean the suit and then wipe it with a soft brush on the sticky stain on the leather surface. Then, clean the dirt with a soft cloth. Finally, rub a little soap or mild detergent on a clean towel and then wipe off the remaining dirt on the holster.


Oily stains, such as butter or body oil, are wiped dry with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use any water. As time goes by, the stains will disappear into the leather.

For stubborn stains, it is recommended to wipe gently with a soft cloth or sponge, gently insensitive soap and warm water, then wipe with a clean damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Never use an air dryer on the leather.


Clean hotel leather products are made of rough leather. Also use rough materials to clean the product with clean cotton towels and special clean water and simply wipe the stains. In addition, you can use shoe polish to clean and protect the hotel furniture raw materials items, set the shiny details and eye infections


For genuine hotel leather supplies, you can wipe the surface of the product with a soft dry towel to make them look beautiful and new. Because the leather material has a very special point, the smoother the skin surface, the better.


Daily care of leather goods

If you want to keep the leather soft and supple, after cleaning, occasionally you can use commercial leather care.


Some experts recommend applying a good leather conditioner every 6 to 12 months, which is believed to help your leather pieces retain their natural oils and remain soft and soft for many years.


The Inspection, Cleaning and Repair Certification Association recommends avoiding the use of conditioning oils containing silicone oil or wax, which will make the surface permanently viscous.


Frehafer of Wellington Leather Furniture recommends using a sunscreen cream conditioner several times a year. To protect your leather products, keep away from direct sunlight and heat, as this can cause dryness and cracking. “The leather breathes and continues to remove moisture from the environment, keeping it soft and soft,” says Frehafer. “In some conditions and where the climate is very dry, more conditioning is needed due to less water available.”



Mastering the method of storing hotel leather products, the leather goods can be glamorous for a long time, giving the guests a good experience. If you are looking for high quality hotel leather supplies that are beautifully designed and reasonably priced, YRF Textile has the perfect product.


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