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How do you clean hotel leather supplies?

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Leather supplies have always been regarded as a delicate item in the cleaning of hotels, but in fact the proper cleaning of the leather will not damage the surface or shorten its service life. So, what is the correct way to clean hotel leather supplies?


  • What is the appropriate leather goods?

  • Different types and levels of leather

  • How to clean leather goods?

  •  Daily care of leather supplies

  • Conclusion


What is the appropriate leather goods?

Leather looks like beautiful, delicate skin. The leather must be carefully cleaned before the leather is properly adjusted. As the leather ages, it loses the basic protective agent for injecting leather during the manufacturing process. This makes leather goods vulnerable to dirt, grease and UV rays. In order to keep the leather look and feel best, you must clean it first, then replace the lost moisture and protect it.


Different types and levels of leather

The leather surface is called "cereal".

Full grain refers to the untouched top layer of leather products. Removes hair from the surface, but the surface remains intact without flaws, marks or scratches.

Top-grain is a polished leather surface that smoothes leather. The top layer requires some form of processing to eliminate defects.

Smooth texture is achieved by removing hair from the uppermost layer of leather.

Modified particles refer to the surface of leather coated with artificial particles.

Split leather refers to the fiber portion of the leather that remains after the top texture is separated from the leather.


How to clean leather goods?

One step in cleaning leather supplies is to use olive oil, soap and towels. First try the cleaning method on the small spots to make sure it does not change the color of the fabric. Then, clean the leather with a wet towel and a little soap. Squeeze out any excess water towels as it should be just damp. Gently wipe the leather until the spots are removed.


Alternatively, you can use traditional leather cleaners and leather care agents. (Read our review of one of the best leather cleaners here.)

After cleaning the leather products, wipe the towel with a towel and wipe off the residue on the towel. Leather is not completely waterproof, so you can't clean the material as usual. Instead, use a clean, damp towel to remove residue.


Next, use a dry towel to remove any excess water left behind. If you have specific leather oils, you can use them to repair materials. For home selection, olive oil can help repair the material and prevent it from drying out.


Daily care of leather supplies 

There are many other steps you can take to extend the life of your leather goods. But there are things you might think are a good idea, but inevitably have little or no negative impact on your leather goods. We've listed these long-term solutions below, along with some information about their purpose, strengths, and what to avoid.


conditioner. Think of these skin care products, except that they don't use them on their skin, but use them on leather products. Much like the lotion, these products are designed to keep the look and feel of the leather - making it soft and sometimes (sometimes) softer than nature. These things can also avoid some of the negative effects environment has on your leather products, such as drying it to cracks and/or shrinkage. However, it is lanolin that needs to be noted in many hair care creams. Lanolin is a wool found to be a fatty substance. This is a common ingredient in leather conditioners. Although it is not dangerous, it will soften and moisturize your leather - if you are looking for it, that would be great. If you want your leather products to maintain a little rigidity and a tough look and feel, try to avoid the lanolin conditioner.


Leather oil. Oil is another leather products conditioning option. Although you may think that cream and oil are two very different products, those that focus on leather care are basically the same product. In fact, you often see leather oil with the word "hair conditioner" on the label, and there is no mention of the fact that the bottle contains oil. When it really comes down to it, the difference between cream and oil conditioner is your personal preference. Some people prefer to use conditioning creams, and some prefer to use conditioning creams. Pick the right product for you, buy the right product, and run it.


waterproof. As a natural side effect of the material itself and a tanning process, the leather products does not rot, and the leather is naturally extremely waterproof. However, it is not completely waterproof. Long-term or excessive contact, the leather absorbs moisture. As a living material, leather needs to breathe to maintain its flexibility, flexibility, and age over time (aging leather is one of the most beautiful materials in the world). Spraying a waterproof layer on your outfit or equipment may suffocate your leather and make it look cheaper. Spraying a waterproof layer on your outfit or equipment may suffocate your leather and make it look cheaper.


However, there is an alternative to spray waterproofing. If you absolutely want to wear leather in the wet months, then creams and waxes are a viable option. You may need to reapply them multiple times throughout the season, but they are better for your leather products than spray and are relatively easy to clean once you are wet for a year. However, if you can avoid it, we recommend completely avoiding water resistance because it does not inhibit the beneficial aging process and can have a negative long-term effect on the material.



Whether you want to clean your hotel room leather set, tissue box or other leather goods, the clever cleaning method allows you to keep the leather parts adjusted, clean and soft. If you are looking for high quality hotel leather supplies that are beautifully designed and reasonably priced, YRF Textile has the perfect product.


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