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How Choose a Tissue box Size?

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One of the most common household items, tissue boxes are lightweight and convenient, and some of them are designed to be unique. Even so, many people don't know much about napkin boxes. For example, how to choose the size of tissue box?


  • Structure of tissue box

  • What are the materials of tissue box?

  •  What is the size of tissue box used in family?

  • How to choose a tissue box?

  • Maintain tissue box

  • Conclusion


Structure of tissue box

Tissue boxes provide easy to use tissue boxes and protect tissues from external contamination. This structure including surface not closed at the bottom of the box body, used for sealing the box body underside of the base, the paper on the surface of the top of the box body take exports and used to cover the paper lid tightening the lid of the mouth through the elastic hinge institutions will be part of the edge of the top surface of the hinged to the shell, including elastic hinge mechanism and the connection of shell fixed hinge joint, connected with the lid of the movable hinge joint, the hinge axis and directional rotation for the movable hinge seat under the elastic component of hinge seat and the upper hinge seat through the hinge axis and elastic component connection, and housing Settings are applied to tighten cap at the relative lateral positioning device. Elastic hinge mechanism.


What are the materials of tissue box?

The common paper towel box material mainly has paper, metal and plastic several kinds, below to understand a few different materials of paper towel box.

1. Paper napkin box is 100% pure paper fold, which is the most commonly used one at present;

2. Metal tissue holder is mainly made of 0.23mm tinplate, which is more suitable for families or occasions requiring hanging;

3. Plastic tissue box is mainly made of PPPE material, which is suitable for room use; Paper towel box is very important in life, it provides a convenient use, and can ensure that paper towel is not polluted by the outside world, friends can choose the most suitable style according to their own habits and preferences.


What is the size of tissue box used in family?

Generally, there are a variety of sizes and specifications of the commonly used paper towel boxes sold in supermarkets. The common sizes are: 230*120*60 mm, 235*120*65 mm, 150*150*60 mm, 120*120*60 mm, 110*110*110 mm and so on. The paper towel box is 235 mm long, 120 mm wide and 65 mm high. Because the size of the box has been achieved, the box is the largest and the least paper, is the best choice. However, there are different opinions about the size of napkin box es commonly used by families. So the specific size of the paper towel box depends on the size of the paper towel commonly used at home. As long as the size of both is appropriate, it is convenient to take the paper towel.


How to choose a tissue box?

Sex selection. If the man's business car had better not choose the paper towel box with too fancy color, don't look at a small ornament, but will greatly discount your taste. Be full of bud silk lacy, printing simple flower, paper towel box of rural style hu suits a woman more, simple in showing grace, nobility. Woollen leather material enrobed metallic ring edge diamond ornament is showing decorous, black, coffee design is varied this kind suits male friend to use more.


Material selection: in the selection of personalized, you should choose a simple and convenient tissue box, that is, hard, non-soft tissue holder without support. In this way, it is more convenient to draw and take in the process of driving.


The choice of quality: in order not to affect beautiful, in the choice of paper towel box especially leather material, should observe the durability of the leather itself, see whether there is peeling phenomenon. If it is a silk fabric class, you should observe the bound flowers are not off.


Odor selection: generally, high-quality paper towel boxes are odorless and tasteless. When new products are opened, there will be light odor, which may be the smell of the packaging itself. It can be reduced or disappeared after being placed for a few minutes. Inferior product odour is bigger, paper towel box interior has unpleasant rubber flavour, lasting do not come loose even have mildewy flavour.


Maintain tissue box

Although the tissue holder is cheap and flexible to use, if it is struck a few times, it can break or distort, causing a loss of balance and ineffective napkin box. Of course, there is no standard for using a napkin box. As long as you don't use it often, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. In the case of wet or frequent spraying, the paper towel box should be used as far as possible

2, metal paper towel holder pay attention to minimize friction, otherwise the oil layer will wear out and rust, and do not expose to the sun

3, plastic tissue box do not often drop and sun exposure

4, leather napkin box is not easy to damage, reusable, more environmentally friendly, long service life.



This information about tissue boxes will help you choose a more desirable tissue holder and make your life easier. If you want to buy a durable, high-quality tissue box, YRF Textile has the perfect product.


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