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  • How to choose bedding covers correctly, which brand of bedding is good?

    Yiroufang teaches you how to choose a quilt cover correctly

  • Four hotel bedding knowledge you have to know

    Four hotel bedding knowledge you have to know

  • What is jacquard?

    Jacquard loom makes it possible to control each warp thread so that each and every warp end can be raised or lowered at will to form an intricate design. Originally controlled by a punched card system sometimes called the first computer, today the loom is fed by computer generated information that eliminates the cards, making design changes faster and more efficient. Jacquard is characterized as a pattern woven into a fabric; either a surface effect, or a pattern produced with coloured yarns.

  • How to quickly identify your size?

    When storing linen, ensure the identification marks are easily visible to save time and check stock levels much more efficiently.
    1:Blue tab or stitching - single size
    2:Orange tab or stiching - single sheet alternative size
    3:Red tab or stitching - double size
    4:Gold tab or stitching - king size
    5:Purple tab or stitching - king sheet alternative size
    6:Green tab or stitching - super king size
    7:Black tab or stitching - super king sheet alternative size


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