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Hotel beddings, shcool beddings- YRF Hotel Supply
Hotel beddings factory- YRF Hotel Supply
Hotel beddings, shcool beddings- YRF Hotel Supply
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— YirouFang Textile Manufacture
YRF Textile occupies more than 9000 cotton field based in Xinjiang, which is the producing area of cotton.
It owns towel workshop, grey cloth workshop, guest room supplies workshop, curtain workshop, feather down products workshop and mattress workshop. Self-produced raw materials determine the good quality and low cost.
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YRF Textile occupies more than 10000--square-meter cotton field based in Xinjiang,
which is the producing area of cotton. 
We Provide Integrated
Supply Chain
YRF Textile high quality and complete series of products with fast delivery service. We hope that customers can experience the convenience of one-stop procurement.

  beddings surpasses 1000,000 sets;

annual production of towel can reach 1000,000;

annual production of quilt is 500,000 pieces;

annual production of bathrobe is 200,000 pieces;

annual production of table cloth 2000,000 square meters.

 20 years of professional experience
Why Choose YRF
We have integrated supply chain, covering hotel beddings, school beddings, hospital beddings, dormitory beddings, troops beddings and many other hotel accessories.

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